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6 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating!

By Christine McNamara, RDN

1. Fill half your plate with nutrient-rich vegetables and eat those veggies first! That’ll ensure that you’ve consumed those healthy nutrients before getting full on other foods.

2. Savor each bite and remember to pace yourself. Taste every delicious bite because then you’ll be more likely to take your time and stop when you’ve had enough.

3. Do not skip meals! This is a popular strategy for holiday eating that will typically backfire, leading to overeating. Instead, eat a balanced breakfast and/or lunch, depending on the time of the event.

4. Resist the urge to fall into a food coma. Avoid doing so by getting out and walking. Numerous studies support taking a brisk 15-20 minute walk after a meal to help ease digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.

5. Enjoy dessert and be mindful while doing so. There will no double be a wide variety of scrumptious desserts during the holidays. Have some and enjoy it! if you want to taste every dessert, consider having a small sampling of each.

6. Lastly, lose the guilt! If you happen to eat more than you planned, it’s ok! If you do go overboard, try to get back into your healthy eating habits, balanced meals and snacks, the next day or soon as you can.

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