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Stephanie Spears

Stephanie is a small business owner and martial arts instructor. She founded 7 Spears Martial Arts Academy in 2018 and loves teaching martial arts and empowering others! Being a part of the Poway Chamber of Commerce Health and Wellness Committee is a great fit as she enjoys being active in the community and encouraging residents to live a healthy lifestyle. Her goal for the Poway Healthy movement is to promote healthy living throughout our local community and give residents the information and tools necessary to take control of their health! 


7 Spears Martial Arts

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Lisa Mello

Lisa Mello is the founder of Mello Yoga and it was created to provide its local Poway community with uplifting and nurturing yoga, resulting in an enriching experience that leaves its participants recharged and re-energized.  She is a mother of two and lives Poway.  She believes that yoga can be for everybody and every body.  Her masters in Education and background as a teacher give her a natural grace and intuitive approach to guiding your practice.  
Mello Yoga is passionate about:
•    Accepting everybody.
•    Creating a space where students feel safe, where they can explore their bodes and minds without judgment or fear.
•    Valuing the relationships we build together.
•    Creating a space for the whole family.
•    Offering spectacular classes for adults and kids

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Mello Yoga

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Timothy O'Connell

Tim is passionate about overall well being and has a specific interest in financial health. Financial fitness reduces stress, improves sleep, and creates relational stability. Unfortunately, this consumeristic world suggests “comfort shopping” and “comfort eating” is what we need, ultimately lulling us into a temporary, and false, sense of security.  As a holistic financial planner, Tim and the members of the team at Capital Financial Consultants Group, help you achieve peace of mind through

  • Debt management

  • Risk management

  • Investment planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Tax planning, and,

  • Estate planning

Tim is also passionate about his physical health. He has summited Mount Whitney three times and completed six sprint and Olympic distance triathlons since turning age 50.  He believes financial fitness is not judged by the thickness of your wallet but by knowledge of where you are on your financial journey and your willingness to address areas of weakness. It’s about modifying behavior. Physical wholeness starts with small steps; meeting with a trainer, the first yoga pose, or the first pool swim. Similarly, financial health starts by meeting with a professional, defining a goal, and saving an extra dollar. Both start with a decision to change.

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Capital Financial


Pamela Bundy

Pam specializes in helping people find their own unique fitness path using proven techniques and years of experience. She empowers individuals to feel stronger and more in control so they are able to reach their goals.


Her specialties include Behavior Change; Menopause; Rehabilitation; Neurological Training for Those with Parkinson’s and MS; Body Toning; and Weight Loss. 

Pam's certifications include:

  • STOTT® Full Level One Pilates Instructor

  • ACE® Certified Personal Trainer

  • ACE® Certified Behavior Specialist

  • ACE® Certified Group Instructor

  • Certified Functional Training Specialist

  • Certified Pain-Free Movement Specialist

  • Certified PWR Parkinson’s Trainer

  • Bosu Master Trainer

  • Nutrition Coach


Reset Fitness 

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Christine McNamara

Christine is a registered dietitian nutritionist, health coach, mother of two, and founder of CMcNamara Wellness.  She provides personalized nutrition recommendations to help her clients feel their best and meet their health and nutrition-related goals.  


Christine is passionate about the power nutrition can have to transform your overall health and well-being.  Low energy, poor digestion, mental health, are a few of the things that can be improved with balanced nutrition and lifestyle habits.  She provides consistent support and guidance for her clients as she walks alongside them on their wellness journey, making changes in an easy and intuitive way.  With years of experience, she helps her clients see that being healthy and eating foods they enjoy, is definitely possible!  


Virtual and in-person appointments are available.

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CMcNamara Wellness, LLC

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Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness uses advanced rejuvenation techniques and robust wellness programs to restore youthful life into our clients.

Sòlas prides itself on a dedicated service-focused, health-first approach.

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Solas Rejuvenation